This was very good performance by George Galloway which shot the Senate enquiry down in flames but not widely reportrd

shows what can be done with a bit of confidence research and attention to detail

Sir Francis Bacon

FRANCIS BACON wrote some clever well consided stuff which is still relevant today


more should be taught about Leonardo d Vinci and his attention to detail

The Hoverbike Brilliant stuff and British company behind the design and production but hardly a word or mention in the media

sure a lot will be heard about this in the future

The scene at Lords

How can ordinary lad from a council estate attending an ordinary school  who enjoys cricket is a good player with a lot of potential get discovered as he wants to make a career oil of it and wants

He does not know an one involved in professional cricket

How many are taught about the life of Charles Di kens in the schools  Answer is probably none


Very little taught in schools to give kids any idea what Napoleon was thinking about and what he actually achieved in a relatively short life

This is hood stuff Need more like it

The s open golf at so called home of ot


Good stuff

Football madness has recommenced and those in charge of running the circus which is the self styled best league in the world

can recommence all the silly nonsense and the overrated and overpaid players can continue treating the fans like country bumpkins

Is it him

British footballers are miles behind foreign players like the Germans and it has been unchanged for many years, It is hard to believe the Germans lost the war and that the country was deva ted was divided and in ruins There is something fundamentally with the way British players are discovered and coached.  But nothing g will be done There is something radically with British football with lack of failure to locate and z bring through players of ability

Really good interesting stuff

Great trip  but don't trip ever the aquaduct