What a complete fiasco this silly nonsense this referendum has turned out to be Who came up with the idiotic idea in the first place Will probably get a  knighthood  😁😁


Called this silly referendum and then rides off into the sunset when the outcome goes against him

Typical ex publ7cvschoolboy

in memory of fallen Welsh heroes of the 1st World War


It's hard to believe the mess thst these so called politicians have got the Country in.. Also most of those being put forward and touted as the next prime minister the electors have never even heard of and as it turns out most have dubious cresdentials   But the most incredible aspect is that not on of them are working at their jobs so there can't be much to it 😂😂😂

July 2016

The labour and tory politicians. ..What a complete nonsense and fiasco it all is..

It's hard to believe that these lot are actually supposedly running the country 😃😃😃

Sept 2016

Has to be said that Manhester  United decisions in the transfer market leaves a lot to be desired and they appear to have wasted millions and millions  of pounds on players who simply do not fit the bill

Makes one wonder about their scouting and team strategy