Thames tunnel  Marvelous feat of engineering nearly 200 years ago.

who was one of the main men behind

Yes 24 year old isambard Kingdom Brunel no less

Thomas Telford  Why isn't more lessons and teaching in schools about men like this to inspire kids??

What if the Spanish Armada had been successful???

Anther great feat of engineering by one of our great engineers James Brindley ..Hardly gets a mention and rarely taught in schools  it would inspire kids

James Brindley One of Britain's greatest engineers

George Bradshaw...Marvelour Railway Guide and compiled so many years sgo

Joseph Hazlehead Another one of our gear British engineer Thank you great work

marvelous feat of Engineering and this is actually happening now and very few people know anything about it nor who is the brains behind it

It will go down in history

Some of the freats

owain Glyndwr Welsh Hero How many know the full story

Is this painting of an elderly Owain Glyndwr..

The great John Charles has never received rghevregognition he deserves in the UK and to think some very ordinary players in z premier Lage talking about commandingbsalaries  of -15 million per year


Hard to believe that for many years he was a loely clerk in a Patent Office

Again his story not taught in schools

But the aristocracy are still in existence and the ex public schoolboys still in control