More Daftness

So what does this leader of the SNP intend to build a wall between the UK and a Scotland to control the borders How else will it work ?? 😁😁😁

100 years the Battle of vimy ridge 1000s of lives were lost but it didn't affect the Kaiser very much did it He carried on as usual

2017 Election

Has resulted in a fiasco and chaos

There is no doubt that if the Tower Block tragedy could have been pinned on some humble individual he or she would have been arrested and taken away before you could say boo to a goose😁

To be big time British tennis player you must attend public school or have parents are coaches with contacts in tennis Otherwise haven't got cat in hell chance even if great potential it's hopeless😆😆

If a youngster with the petential to be the bestbtennis player thevworld ha ever seen but lived on council  housing estate in Wlales but dioes not attend piublic school or parents wiy

Th tebnnis contactsWith the potential to be the best tennis player in the world was born and lived in Wales with eras we're not connected with tennis and did not obtain a public school

If nvador from outer space lands on earth and any good at tennis then put money on LTA claiming him as British because their record of producing  successful players for the last 100 years is pathetic to say least

Why has Britain now been changed to United Kingdom ?