The Lusitania goes down

100 years since the Lusitania was sunk by a GERMAN UBOAT of the navy built up by the KAISER who was Queen victorias grandson and wanted to outdo the British  Nearly 1200 innocent men women children and babies perished but the a kaiser caried on

Very much similar to one at Gresford

Where is rhis

Astonishing how the close relations of the Royal Families of Europe failed to prevent the misery and loss of millions of lives in WW1 and indeed was a contributory factor in the conflict Subsequent propaganda tries to portray a different picture but the facts speak for themselves

Election results in 2015

Now that Tories are back in power stroger than of late then expect to see the comeback of that bunch who call themselves the 1922 committee.

They are selfish troublemakers

The outcome of WW laid the foundations of WW at the Treaty of Versatile talk and Treaty that followed  Those who caused the carnage eh Kaiser and others  were not to be seen and walked away unpunished

crossing Pontcysyllte-aquaduct on Narrowbat

Apparently this is the England football team before a match in Berlin in 1938...Hard to believe this


Didn't seem to feel sorry did he


but if does work on latest device but not on others Why

i dont know the answer yes itbdoed

hard to understsnd all thisok

But it's not right


Human beings wee burned alive because they had the audacity to question certain belifs

I Know Brunell  died at 53  Why don't they teach more about him in schools.???


Labour party leader election has all the makings of another fiasco

Photo of Brunel

Brunel Got to be one of the greatest Britons Died only at age 53 He was clearly a genius

Designed by Brunel

A small railway station designed by Brunel Make a nice little house