• must be tamed

 • cannot be allowed to get away with exorbitant pay demands

 • made accountable if they fail to put in effort

 • must show more respect to fans

• put something back into the game

 • act responsibly as role models

Novel and helpful device we use a lot when out on the road

Lord Nelson  one of our few real heroes

Duke of Wellington

marvelous piece of engineering work  A View from the air

Roy Hodgson says future of English football is looking great with many young players coming through. . seem to have heard this umpteen times before but nothing happens It's pie in the sky.. why doesn't someone try and find out how the Germans do it so well since 1945 when the country was devastated and ruined

Footballers at big clubs being paid huge sums for playing don't seem to appreciate bow lucky they are to be given the oppotunity Many others with equal ability are never given a chance It about time many of them put something back into the game

pontcysyllte aquduct  Another view of this fantastic construction

Duke of Malborough Hero of Battle of Blenem  Richly rewarded for his victory

isambard Kingdom brunel A brilliant brain and ability

Thomas Telford  Another brilliant engineer

Leornardo De Vincu Another Great Mind

Leonardo Great dtuff

Interesting theories

Robert Louise Stevenson