The public schoolboys have ruled the country since time immorial and will continue to do so for the forseeable future but their bloody minded arrogance and superiority complex is sickening

Marvelous feat of engineering and a brilliant work of art

 This is the pontcysyllte Aquaduct an amazing construction http://www.youtube.com/embed/OFsbeX1

A ride on a tram up the Great Orme Tram in Llandudno


Congratulations to all those who worked on restoring this rail link from Llangollen to Corwen Job done well done


Marvelous feat of engineering and great work of art and construction

some good novel thinking on this



 Upper class day out

 Wonder how many of those who have ever rowed in the so called race were from working class or a council estate we're British and ha not not attend public school

Our leaders!!!

Look at this lot

Why should Britain tremble when we've got these lot ????😃😃😃😃

Just a grumble

Feb 16

Newcastle United players should be having a good look at themselves

if they don't enjoy playing football and earn big money...then just bugger off..

ELECTION 15 Same applies to this one 2017

• It's all talk

•  Most of it hogwash

• Cannot believe a word politicians say

 • They behave like silly babies ..But they will carry on regardless


apparent this fellow took a leading role in execution of othrr human beings who put forward positive proof that the earth revolved around the Sun NOT vice versa


Are they on the right lines

Must be a worry for the old members

Will common semester prevail

It's the 200th Anniversary of Battle of Waterloo but what we're the tactics

Some of the greats